Programs Overview

JUST employs four full-time staff members and enlists more than 100 volunteers to carry out its work. Volunteers teach computer skills, English as a second language, relapse prevention, and parenting classes. JUST also offers spiritual assistance to inmates who ask for it. See a full listing of our programs below:

Addiction Recovery

Studies show that a majority of inmates are incarcerated as a direct or indirect result of addiction. JUST staff and volunteers offer a variety of addiction recovery classes and meetings to address this need, including:

- Addiction Education/Introduction to 12 Steps

- Cocaine Anonymous

- Narcotics Anonymous

- Relapse Prevention

Education and Life Skills

We offer a range of classes that help inmates grow in their life skills and educational capabilities:

- Parenting

- Anger Management

- Decision Making

- English as a Second Language (ESL) taught by College of DuPage instructors

- Literacy Tutoring in partnership with Literacy DuPage

- Introductory classes in computer skills, job readiness, and basic financial planning

- Health Empowerment

Spiritual Enrichment

Staff and volunteer chaplains serve the inmates of the DuPage County Jail by working to meet their spiritual needs. This is a ministry of one-on-one listening, prayer, and care-giving. For many inmates, the level of fear, confusion, and personal disappointment they face is high. Many take comfort in the guidance provided by a chaplain’s compassionate care.

Worship services and Bible studies are also provided for inmates who desire to attend.

Social Services

The staff of JUST provides a range of social services to address inmates’ most basic and practical needs. Here are some of the ways we provide social services to inmates in the DuPage County Jail:

- Offering one-on-one support

- Providing information and referrals to community resources that are needed after release


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