Education and 
Vocational Skills

Educational offerings are aimed at personal development including Anger Management, Decision Making and GED. Educational staff and volunteers serve to meet individuals' education and vocational goals through training, classes and individual tutoring.

Programs Offered

  • Anger Management  SAMSHA curriculum teaches how to manage anger effectively and develop self-control. 
  • Life Skills  CALworks curriculum addresses motivation, communication, financial and employment skills while teaching basic cognitive skills to prepare for reentry.  
  • Health Education – Teaches the impact on health of destructive substance and behavioral addictions as well as prepares participants for a healthy lifestyle  
  • Basic Computer: Teaches basic computer skills for office and production work, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 
  • VA - Guides and supports Veterans through the benefits process. 
  • Individual Anger Management – One-on-one counselling session with selected students struggling with anger and violence as well as anti-social behaviors. 
  • Co-Dependent No More – Teaches the development and understanding of self-assurance and healing, through instructive life stories and personal reflections. 
  • Decision Making – Teaches how to make good decisions, based on a four-box model of self, values, consequences and outcome. 
  • Understanding Dreams – Teaches a better understanding of dreams and how to use them for personal growth. 
  • Understanding Personality – Teaches how to understand all personality types and using it as a pathway to change by utilizing the EPP curriculum (Enneagram Prison Project). 
  • Inside/Outside Dads – Teaches the necessary skills for parenting and the importance and difficulty of being a parent using the National Fatherhood Initiative curriculum. 
  • Parenting for Moms – Teaches the necessary skills needed for the importance and difficulty of being a parent using Hazelden. 
  • Storybook – a session where we record the incarcerated reading to their children and then we send the recording along with the book(s) to the little loved ones at home. 
  • Job Readiness – Teaches participants how to search for a job, write a resume, complete an application, and prepare and practice for the interview. 
  • Building Confidence  A guide to building confidence and communication skills 
  • ESL (English Second Language) – Assists in developing vocabulary as well as communication skills, resources and materials from a variety of sources in order to service both the beginner and intermediate learners. 
  • Individual Guidance – One-on-one counseling with appointed counselors. 
  • GED Preparation: Preparation to take the GED test.  This class is done through a collaboration with the local college using I-Pathways curriculum.  

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