Spiritual Enrichment

Staff Chaplains, and spiritual volunteers serve the inmates of the DuPage County Correctional Facility by providing spiritual/emotional support and innovative programming. Spiritual programming provides a crucial component to well-being, personal growth and transformation. An important goal in providing spiritual interventions is to equip, prepare and encourage ongoing spiritual growth upon returning to the community.  

Programs Offered

  • Protestant Bible Study & Worship – Learn what the Bible says and how it applies to life.  Includes Christian worship and prayer. 
  • Protestant Bible Study Spanish – Learn what the Bible says and how it applies to life,   facilitated in Spanish Includes Christian worship and prayer. 
  • Christian Worship Service - (English & Spanish) Provides Christian praise and worship music, a bible-based message, and a small group discussion and prayer 
  • Islamic Study & Worship – Practice the Islamic faith through studying the Quran and applying it to your life.  Includes prayer. 
  • Love, Marriage & Family – Lessons on intimate relationships, parenting & family enrichment.  Christian based. 
  • Study and prayer materials- available to all upon request 
  • Understanding Contemplative Prayer – Learning about the Christian meditative tradition and how to practice Centering Prayer to ease addiction, stress and despair. 
  • Understanding Jesus’ Parables – Studying the parables of Jesus and their application for everyday life. 
  • Alpha Course – Alpha is a multi-week course that creates a space for the incarcerated to discuss life’s big questions. 
  • Lectionary Bible – Interfaith: Reading the assigned readings of the week.  Bible Study. 
  • Wounded Hearts – Continuation of Celebrate Recovery.  Bible based program for those who have experienced suffering and loss. 
  • Individual Spiritual Guidance & Chaplaincy – One-on-one sessions for those grieving, suffering and/or seeking God.
  • Catholic Bible Study & Worship – Learn the doctrines of the Catholic Church and its teachings, including what the Bible says and how to apply it to life 
  • Catholic Worship Spanish – Catholic worship service facilitated in Spanish with the scripture readings of the day.  Includes prayer and communion. 
  • The Purpose Driven Life – Discovering individual purpose in life as well as personal God-given gifts.  Rick Warren’s book The Purpose-Driven Life (Christian based). 
  • Celebrate Recovery – Provides spiritual guidance to those who struggle with various substance addictions.  Uses Christian principles. 
  • Living in Gods Kingdom – Bible study that shows a practical way to live in God’s world. 

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