Programs Overview

Group_1778.png   Spiritual Enrichment

Staff Chaplains, and spiritual volunteers serve the inmates of the DuPage County Correctional Facility by providing spiritual/emotional support and innovative programming.

Spiritual programming provides a crucial component to well-being, personal growth and transformation. An important goal in providing spiritual interventions is to equip, prepare and encourage ongoing spiritual growth upon returning to the community. 


Group_1784.png   Addiction Recovery

More than 70% of our inmates are incarcerated as a result of their addiction. JUST Addiction Staff and volunteers offer a wide variety of individual counseling, addiction education, and self-help groups.

JUST Certified Addictions Counselors also provide individual addiction counseling to develop behavioral goals, learn coping skills, and build a sober/healthy support network. 

Group_1789.png   Education & Vocational

Educational offerings are aimed at personal development including Anger Management, Decision Making and GED. Educational staff and volunteers serve to meet individuals education and vocational goals through training, classes and individual tutoring. In addition, we have certificate based vocational training programs to prepare for the workforce including welding, custodial maintenance and construction.


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