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As an organization, we at JUST of DuPage attempt to be holistic in our approach to rehabilitation. We affirm the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social needs of people and seek to address each aspect of the human person.  If you become a JUST volunteer, you will be expected to support and encourage inmates in their participation in other JUST programs besides your own. Together, we form a supportive team to surround the inmates with services that assist them in making positive life changes.  

Please be as thorough and honest as possible in your responses. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

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Please remember to submit your resume in addition to this application. Be sure to explain any gaps in employment.
I hereby certify that all information contained in this application is correct. I give my permission for all references and employers specified in this application to be contacted. I give my permission for any law enforcement agency files pertaining to me to be examined. I realize that any false information contained herein is grounds for this application to be rejected and/or my privilege to serve as a volunteer worker to be subsequently terminated.
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